Your eyes, they shine so bright I want to save their light.

It’s Magic (When I’m With You)

Art by Marije

Perhaps a musical accompaniment to this.

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magic the cars. (oh-oh, it’s magic / when i’m with you) • me and you and a dog named boo lobo. (we’ve gotta get away and get back / on the road again) • you’re so true joseph arthur. (you’re strange / and i’m strange) • don’t wanna know why whiskeytown. (carry on, carry out / try to never say goodbye) • april come she will simon & garfunkel. (may, she will stay / resting in my arms again) • it’s tough having a crush ok go. (it’s tough to have a crush / when it only leaves you blue) • you belong to me courtnee draper. (just remember, darling, all the while / you belong to me) • 上を向いて歩こう kyu sakomoto. ([translated] i look up as I walk / so that the tears won’t fall / remembering those those spring days / but I am all alone tonight) • 


"Why is your pig wearing a hat?"
"He sunburns real easy."

"i like you. im gonna keep you."

— stiles and the whole teen wolf fandom about parrish (via stilinsksi)
The Last of Us: Tess's Final Scene Remastered

my lovely stuff from augmented-mind ;u; crappy camera quality photos because im too busy SWOONING OVER THE PRINT LIKE DAMN



This emoticon only gets funnier when you expand the face


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SORRY THERE’S SO MUCH SPAM WITH THESE GUYS!!! tonight is just a yaoiself verse night i guess _(:3/L)_



You know, Mako, all those years I spent living in the past, I never really thought about the future. Until now. I never did have very good timing.