Anonymous: A friend suggested to follow you. Quality blog right here.


Tell me on Anon why you followed me.

Anonymous: I followed you because when I moved from lj to tumblr, you were one of the familiar faces I could recognize in the tumblr wilderness! Now we aren't really in the same fandoms anymore but you're still my fave :3

IS THIS AKASHA!!! IS THIS YOU IS THIS YOU AAAAAHHHHHHHHH even if it isn’t then you’re still an old friend, back from the LJ days was a wild time! <3 *blows kisses*

Tell me on Anon why you followed me.


dont laugh yamazaki-senpai

Shinichi and Migi
Anonymous: Why don't you like Teen Wolf anymore?


lack of continuity, shoddy barely strung together plots, character assassination, important things going unexplained, consistent positive portrayal of super unhealthy relationships

idk you take your pick


See this hat? Tis’ my cat.

See you next water time! (or not)